About us

Radboud university medical center is a leading academic center for patient care, education and research, with the mission ‘to have a significant impact on healthcare’. Our activities help to improve healthcare and consequently the health of individuals and of society. We believe we can achieve that by providing excellent quality, participatory and personalized healthcare, operational excellence and by working together in sustainable networks.

Excellent quality

Patients deserve the best possible care. This is why we aim to deliver excellent quality that has to be proven. From patient care to the most prestigious research programs

Participatory and personalized healthcare

The best care for patients in general is not necessarily the best care for individuals. We develop our healthcare around patients; each of whom is seen as a member of the treatment team. Personalised healthcare means that whenever possible we match diagnostics and therapies to the specific characteristics and needs of the patient

Operational excellence

Operational excellence is a consequence of performing our jobs well through proper research, education and patient care. We ask ourselves daily if the job we do can be done better

Sustainable networks

We work with regional, national and international partners. Patients receive the best possible care where ever their needs can be best met.