International Office (IO)

Radboud university medical center (Radboudumc) stimulates student and staff mobility.

The Radboudumc International Office for Students first of all supports student mobility by advising and helping current students to fulfill their ambitions to perform part of their study abroad.

Secondly, it stimulates the participation of incoming students in the international master's programmes and exchange students in English-taught courses of Radboudumc.

Buddy Project

To make foreign students feel welcome, a Buddy Project has been initiated together with MFVN. If you are interested in being a buddy for an incoming student, be sure to check out the website:   

Outgoing students

Powerpoint presentations

You can find powerpoint presentations on study & internship abroad here:

Radboudumc International Office

  • Radboud Beyond Borders: BMW & GNK (NL)
  • Radboud Beyond Borders:  BMS & MMD (ENG)

  • Incoming Students

    Exchange students Medicine and Life Sciences (incoming)

    Students interested in coming to the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the Radboud University as an exchange student for Medicine or Life Sciences (Biomedical Sciences and Molecular Mechanisms of Disease) can contact the Radboudumc International Office for more information.

    Detailed information on application, registration, course information and accommodation can be found at the website of the Radboud University.

    Exchange students Dentistry (incoming)

    Students interested in coming to the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the Radboud University as an exchange student for Dentistry can follow this link for more information:

    Studying Medicine in the Netherlands

    (Under)Graduate education in Medicine

    Admission of students to any Medical School in the Netherlands is strictly limited. Please read the University website for general information. For Radboudumc it means that every year 330 first year students are selected.
    Apart from that, the admission of students with a foreign diploma is regulated by some other conditions:

    • Evaluation of education merits
    • All foreign students, like Dutch students need a secondary school certificate which contains courses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics at an equivalent level as the Dutch pre-university certificate (VWO).
    • Language requirements
    • International students have to pass the state-exam 'Dutch as a second language' - II
    • Under specific circumstances there are places for international students with a degree in medicine, who wish to continue their studies in Nijmegen. In that case please contact the Student Affairs Office of Radboud University.

    Radboudumc International Office for staff

    Staff & PhD students

    Radboudumc also has an International Office for staff, which is closely connected to the HRM department.

    The International Office for staff supports staff and (future) PhD students by providing information and advise on international matters. Support is also given to departments receiving visiting researchers from abroad or temporary employees from abroad.

      Studenten webdossier


      Front desk: StIP 
      T: +31 24 3615066/65
      E: InternationalOfficeStudents@Radboudumc.nl

      International Officer:
      ms Cindy van Dijk
      Admission Officer:
      ms Loes Vaessen
      Admissions Assistant:
      ms Réka Kedves

      Consulting hour for incoming students (ms Réka Kedves, admissions assistant): Tuesdays 12.30-1.30 pm

      Consulting hour for outgoing students (ms Cindy van Dijk, international officer): Wednesdays 12.30-1.30 pm
      for short questions only!

      Or you can make an appointment through StIP (at the frontdesk or by telephone) for a more convenient timeslot.