Molecules are the fundamental functional units of life. The Department of Biochemistry performs research to understand the molecular organisation of cellular energy production and signal transduction and of the interaction of a cell with its environment. By placing the molecule at the centre of our investigations, the results of our research can be directly translated into potential new medicines, new strategies for a targeted drug delivery and protocols for an optimal differentiation of cells in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. 

Biochemistry is part of the Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences (RIMLS). The department is located in the RIMLS Research Tower and collaborates closely with clinical research groups in the Radboudumc as well as fundamental research in the Radboud University. 

Out of this research, the Department of Biochemistry draws a major commitment for educating students in the Medical and Life Sciences in the fundamentals of molecular processes in health and disease.

Roland Brock     
Roland Brock
head of Biochemistry