Expert Centre for Chronic Fatigue

The Expert Centre for Chronic Fatigue (ECCF) of the Radboud University Medical Centre is a treatment facility and research centre for chronic fatigue.

  • The ECCF studies chronic fatigue and it determinants, develops interventions and investigates the mechanisms of change of evidence-based treatments for fatigue.
  • The ECCF is also a treatment facility. Each year about 700 patients are referred for assessment and/or treatment of chronic fatigue. The interventions applied, mostly cognitive behavioural, are evidence based. Patients can follow individual face to face therapy, web-based therapy and group therapy. Different groups of patients are referred to the ECCF: patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), both adults and adolescents; patients with a chronic illness who suffer from severe fatigue and patients with cancer related fatigue following successful treatment of cancer.