Laboratory Medicine

The department of Laboratory Medicine consists of four Laboratories: Hematology, Clinical Chemistry, Medical Immunology and the Translational Metabolic Laboratory. In addition, we house the Radboud Biobank. Within our department routine and specialized laboratory tests are performed for patient diagnostics. In addition, we have extensive research programs on the pathogenesis of diseases and the development of improved diagnostics, therapies and follow-up for patients. Our priority is to bring questions from the patient bed to the laboratory bench, and to provide answers from the bench to the patient that contribute to better patient care.

You can contact us for obtaining different types of primary patient material, as well as for laboratory tests and experimental models in the field of hematology, clinical chemistry, medical immunology, and genetic, endocrine and metabolic diseases. In addition we house various Technology centers for: the analysis and cell sorting by >10 color flow cytometry; experimental cellular therapies; and biomarker analysis via proteomics, glycomics and metabolomics.

Laboratory of Hematology
Laboratory of Clinical Chemistry
Laboratory of Medical Immunology
Translational Metabolic Laboratory
Radboud Biobank

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