Nuclear Medicine

The department of Nuclear Medicine at the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre provides state-of-the-art radionuclide imaging and therapy with radiolabelled tracers.

The department is equipped with 4 SPECT scanners and one PET-CT scanner. Yearly more than 10,000 diagnostic SPECT procedures and 1,500 PET procedures are performed in the out-patient clinic of the department.

In addition, the department has facilities to treat cancer patients with high activity doses of radiolabelled compounds such as [I-131]-iodide, [I-131]-MIBG and I-131/Lu-177/Y-90/Re-186-labelled antibodies and peptides for radionuclide therapy.

In the radiopharmacy laboratory of the department more than 30 different radiopharmaceuticals can be prepared under GMPz conditions. Besides the activities for the management of patients, the department has an extensive research program and is involved in the education of medical and life science students. 

More than 30 people (nuclear medicine physicians, nuclear medicine residents, nuclear medicine technologists, radiopharmacists, a.o.) are responsible to carry out the clinical tasks at the department, while approximately 20 employees (nuclear medicine physicians, radiochemist, physicists, junior investigators, senior investigators, research technicians) are actively involved in the clinical and preclinical research activities of the department.


PET mouse