Facial Surgery

Research in Facial Surgery is organized according to the following headlines: Facial paralysis, quality of life, dermato-oncology and aesthetic surgery. Research in this special field of interest is quite new in our ENT department, so some of the projects below are only research proposals at the moment.

Facial Paralysis

Effect of botulin toxin on synkinesis in facial paresthesia measured with stereophotogrammetry
Project leaders: Koen Ingels, Niels van Heerbeek
Investigator: I. Kleiss

3D-Photographs will be performed of patients who will receive botox injections because of synkinesis. Additionally, the severity of the synkinesis will be assessed (House-Brackman score and Sunnybrook score). Using specific software volume effects will be studied.

A study towards the subjective feeling of laterality and symmetry in facial paralysis patients
Project leaders: Koen Ingels, Niels van Heerbeek
Investigator: I. Kleiss

A study to assess whether there is a difference in cosmetic perception between patients who have a left-sided or a right-sided facial paralysis using pictures of the patients at rest and smiling. The appreciation of the pictures by patients will be compared with the critical appraisal of healthy volunteers.  


Comparison of patient satisfaction after surgical excision/reconstruction, or radiotherapy of basal cell carcinoma of the nose
Project leaders: Koen Ingels and Niels van Heerbeek in collaboration with MJP Gerritsen and Lia Verhoef (Radiotherapy) 
Investigator: R. Abma
Files of patients who had a nasal skin reconstruction in the last 5 years due to a basal cell carcinoma will be retrospectively studied whether they got a full thickness graft, a bilobed flap or a nasal dorsal glabellar flap. A questionnaire (Nasal Appearance Evaluation Questionnaire) will be sent to these patients to measure their subjective satisfaction. Photographs of a selection of these patients will be presented to a panel of surgeons who will be asked to fill in the same questionnaire. Finally, this study is aimed to answer the question whether adequate measuring of satisfaction is possible, and whether there is a correlation between subjective and objective measurements. 

Aesthetic surgery

  • 3D study (sterophotogrammetry) in rhinoplasty blepharoplasty and fillers
    Project leaders: Koen Ingels, Niels van Heerbeek
    Investigator: J. Herruer
  • 3D Imaging techniques in measurements in rhinoplasty
    Project leaders: S. Berge, T. Maal, K. Ingels, N. van Heerbeek
    Investigator: B. Van Loon


Study of cost-effectiveness of septoplasty
Projectleaders: Niels van Heerbeek, Koen Ingels, 
In collaboration with: Maroeska Rovers ( Dept. of Operating Rooms; Dept. Epidemiology, Biostatistics and HTA)

Reconstructive nose surgery will be studied in randomized trials focusing on nasal patency, quality of life (QOL) and cost effectiveness or DALY.