Ear Nose Throat (ENT)

Research for better care

The ENT department at Radboudumc is recognized for its excellence in caring for patients with head and neck diseases. Such excellence is rooted in research. Research is the catalyst that keeps us striving for better understanding of disease which ultimately may lead to better delivery of care and improved patient outcomes.

Basic, clinical and translational studies

  • The basic studies are aimed to detection of the genes and associated proteins which are involved in hereditary hearing impairment, as well as to unraveling the function of these proteins. 
  • The clinical studies address ways of controlling head and neck diseases and assess the impact of treatment on the lives of patient. 
  • The translational research projects may help to bridge gaps between basic studies and clinical initiatives.


In the current scientific projects a mix of people is involved, including researchers, physicians, audiologists, residents-in-training, graduate students, technicians etc. In these projects as well as in new research initiatives the latest technologies are applied to basic and clinical questions. Furthermore, opportunities are provided to collaborate with science colleagues in genetics, neuroscience, oncology, etc.

Five fields of interest

Five special fields of interest constitute the fundaments of the ENT department and each field has its own research projects. Detailed information on these projects can be found below by clicking the name of each cornerstone: