Research policy

In line with national and international 'Roadmap' initiatives the Radboud university medical centre research policy identifies the following key strategic areas:

  • to focus on research and the development of new devices along 19 research themes with a broad focus from molecule to man to population
  • to create a leading centre for medical research and patient care
  • to continually improve the quality of research output by training and coaching young research staff
  • to keep top talent at Radboud university medical centre by offering 'tenure-track' models and bonuses
  • to recruiting research staff worldwide
  • to focus on societal relevant and representative diseases
  • to organise and maintain state of the art infrastructural facilities and technology centers
  • to augment international cooperation with industrial partners such as SME's to make ourselves attractive to large multi-partner national, EU and international projects like Horizon2020, CTMM, BMM and ERANET.