Personalized healthcare

Personalized patient care through translational and tailored medicine

Radboud university medical center is a leading academic center for patient care, education and research, with the mission ‘to have a significant impact on healthcare’. Our activities help to improve healthcare and consequently the health of individuals and of society. We believe we can achieve that by providing exceptional quality and personalized care, and by working together in sustainable networks.

Individualized care
Our frame of reference is always the individual patient, who is unique. Unique characteristics include not only the genetics, biology and physiology, but also the psyche, social environment and wishes, responsibility and capabilities of the individual. Consequently, Radboudumc interprets the concept of personalized healthcare as a broad scientific foundation for individualized care.

Patients participate in their own healthcare
In the vision of Radboudumc, all patients participate in their own healthcare. They may find themselves involved with education, and their medical problem may be the starting point for wide-ranging and in-depth research. Clinicians, researchers and patients work together to uncover the causes of diseases and find cures for them. Or they liaise in looking at how certain diseases can be treated. In this way, participatory healthcare has become the focal point of patient care, education and research at Radboudumc. This is what sets Radboudumc apart.

Turning a need into a solution for each individual patient
Health and disease are based on underlying molecular and cellular mechanisms: mechanism-based medicine. Radboudumc offers many possibilities to translate knowledge on etiology and development of diseases into clinical practice, in terms of susceptibility, prevention, diagnostics, prognosis and therapy for the patients concerned. But new treatments can be used only if their effectiveness has been proven. This evidence-based medicine requires, among other things, epidemiological and healthcare research. Radboudumc also excels in these areas. As a result, we combine knowledge from these two biomedical worlds (mechanism-based and evidence-based) to create person-based medicine. In this way, the research at Radboudumc goes from molecule, to man to population and back to man. Consequently, the individual patient is always the starting and ending point of any research. This is Radboud personalized healthcare par excellence.

The patient as a partner
What does this mean for patients with, for example, an unknown metabolic disease? It means that the clinician works together with the patient to achieve an optimal treatment; that the underlying disease mechanisms are investigated to find clues for improved treatment; that the experiences of individual patients are pooled to further enhance treatment; that recent knowledge is integrated into the training given to new clinicians; and that the individual patient will be involved in all these developments as a partner.

Personalized healthcare: the guiding principle
Our vision of the changing roles of the patient, clinician, researcher and teacher is clear: personalized healthcare will be the guiding principle for daily practice in patient care, education and research. Together with our patients, Radboudumc wants to play a leading role in this fascinating development!

Radboud personalized healthcare

Dr. Joris Veltman

 Joris Veltman "The knowledge from our research benefits individual patients."
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Prof. Jan Kremer

Jan Kremer "We have to take into account all the other things that define a patient as a person."
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