For reseachers

The Radboud university medical center advances human knowledge by conducting biomedical, translational and clinical research in order to improve wellbeing.

Our key strength is medical life-sciences and clinical practice, with an impressive infrastructure comprising state-of-the-art technology platforms and (translational) research facilities. Radboudumc is therefore uniquely positioned in the emerging Euregio and Dutch healthcare infrastructure to play a leading role in the new healthcare paradigm of prediction, prevention and personalised medicine.

Radboudumc focuses on scientific health challenges of today, with an eye on emerging diseases of the future.

Radboudumc is one of the eight university medical centers in the Netherlands, with nearly 147 professors, nearly 200 theses and over 300 publications a year.

The Valorisation office assists in bringing the generated knowledge to society by joint research, clinical studies, shared facilities and commercialization through patents and licenses.

If you are interested in collaborations, joint grant applications, exchange of research materials and more please contact our office.