For postdocs

Radboud Galilei Track

The Radboud Galilei Track is aimed at excellent postdocs (clinical and non-clinical) who are creating their own unique niche in research, education and healthcare. Galileo Galilei symbolizes the inspiration for this track: the first man to look through a telescope, with focus on the dot on the horizon.

Galilei Track

Independent spirit

An independent spirit, not clinging to old beliefs but with a lot of guts and innovative ideas. In our perspective this image optimally describes the challenge of this career stage: developing a unique personal profile as a scientist and creating visibility.

This programme supports talents and helps them to stay on track by balancing professional and personal development. At all times, the talents remain in charge and give directions. 


In the Radboud Galilei Track, talents are challenged to actively shape the programme themselves, within a clear framework and with clear goals, in order to customize it perfectly to fit  their own needs. The talents are asked to do this both individually and in cooperation with the other participants. In other words, talents become the owners and navigators of their own learning processes.

Radboud Galilei Track

The programme alternates between trainings, master classes and peer learning, while an online community ensures consistency between meetings. Recurring themes include management, self-management, communication, personal branding and entrepreneurship.

Personal guidance

Every talent is guided by a Talent Manager with whom they discuss their experiences in the programme and ask questions about their learning points in personal development. In this way, talents are challenged to further shape their personal growth in their daily practice; they learn by doing. Those who wish to receive more in-depth training can get extra coaching sessions.

Radboud Galilei Track

In addition, every talent has a mentor, a senior scientist from another discipline, from whose experiences the talent can benefit. And last but not least, the talents learn from each other! The participants find that this mutual exchange between talents in the same career phase is one of the most valuable aspects of this programme.

Want to know more?

The actual experiences with the Radboud Galilei Track can best be conveyed by the participants themselves. Dr Gerben Ferwerda (Paediatrics) would be happy to share his experiences with you. Send an email to Gerben.Ferwerda@radboudumc.nl so he can contact you to answer any questions you may have.

Suzette Elias

Suzette Elias 'Participating in the Galilei Track creates ties.'
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Gerben Ferwerda

Gerben Ferwerda 'It made me feel like participating in a voyage of exploration.'
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Hans Jacobs

Hans Jacobs ‘The Galilei Track allows talents to show themselves.’
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