Talent programs

Talent management at Radboud university medical center is striving for excellence in healthcare, research and education. That’s why we select the best, most talented people in their fields of expertise. We give them room to develop so they can make a difference. We also give them opportunities to collaborate in teams and to further develop their leadership skills. 

We have an eye for talent!

Our people excel in everything they do and never stop striving for the best. Would you like to grow across the entire spectrum of both professional and personal development? Through our unique talent programmes, Radboudumc invests in its talents in all respects. For more information, click on the programmes or contact one of our previous programme participants.

 Da Vinci Challenge    Galilei Track   Hypatia Track 
Da Vinci Challenge Galilei Track Hypatia Track
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Group Leaders

Vision for talent

There are many talented people, but only a few are real talents. We have a vision: ‘Real talents are not only outstanding in their professional field, but are also social, compassionate and want to connect with their surroundings. With cognitive excellence as a pre-requisite, ambition, guts and a surplus of energy and resilience, talented academic professionals surprise and redefine limits.’

Three aspects for selection have been defined:

  1. Professional capital: cognitive, academic excellence is a condition ‘sine qua non’ that is demonstrated by work experience and objective criteria such as publications, awards, quotations, grants and other forms of professional acknowledgement.
  2. Individual capital: their personalities, behaviour, ambition and effort distinguish our talents from others.
  3. Social capital: talents are social people who want to cooperate and connect with their surroundings. They think and work across borders. Talents show entrepreneurship and are social networkers, always looking for possibilities and opportunities.  


Prof. Paul Smits

Prof. Paul smits
"We offer young talent the opportunity to develop." 
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