Radboudumc Transmural Knowledge and Innovation Center

Patients are increasingly treated in different settings by different healthcare providers at the same time, or consecutively. However, many ailments (including important chronic diseases) are treated almost exclusively in primary care (for instance Type 2 Diabetes, COPD). This means that researchers and health policy makers are increasingly interested in morbidity data from general practice. Because of our extensive quality control and contacts with General Practitioners who register data, we are able to create high quality specific data ready to be used in any project. The Technology Center Health Data is part of the Radboudumc Transmural Knowledge and Innovation Center, which provides a wider knowledge and logistical infrastructure, supporting innovation and research bridging the hospital and healthcare outside the hospital walls, including advice on intervention studies.

Expertise and services

We provide support in access to primary care data, including all practical and scientific issues related to this such as data storage and privacy issues. Important topics are the connection of primary care data with other (research or hospital) data, extraction and coding of data, as well as the use and interpretation of primary care data. We take care of the maintaince of FaMe-net, a high-quality GP-database with morbidity, health care utilization and medication data, available through the Digital Research Environment (DRE). Our Technology Center includes experts on various fields, including General Practitioners with hands-on knowledge of use of GP-data.

What do we offer?

Our Technology Center employs the infrastructure of the Department of Primary and Community Care and, in the near future, other departments of the Radboud University medical center who also have experience working with routine primary care morbidity data.
  • We help you in extracting, storing, linking, analyzing and interpreting data from general practices in the region derived from various general practice information systems. Our FaMe-net database contains data on more than 30.000 patients over a period of over 20 years. These basic primary care data can be used for power calculations, ‘big data’ analyses and linking the data with other sources - including hospital information systems as well as chapters of PhD-theses on a wide variation of diseases and health complaints (also to be used by PhD’s in specialist care topics) and separate student projects.
  • We have extensive and specific experience concerning the practicalities of conducting observational research in primary care and public health routine data; for instance on privacy issues, how to extract routine data from electronic patients records of general practitioners and how to collect additional patient-related data outside the hospital.
  • Our technical and  primary care content experts are very experienced in the use and interpretation of GP-data for specific projects.


  • Research theme Healthcare Improvement Science
  • Other Radboudumc Technology Centers’s including Clinical Studies, Data Stewardship, Health Economics, Biostatics, and Biobank
  • Departments of the Radboud university medical center, including Primary and Community Care, IQ Healthcare, Health Evidence, Geriatrics and Anaesthesiology (Palliative Care)


Breg Braak
Phone +31 24 366 50 63
Email RTKIC.ELG@radboudumc.nl

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Afdeling Eerstelijns­geneeskunde

Over de afdeling Eerstelijnsgeneeskunde

De afdeling Eerstelijnsgeneeskunde maakt de verbinding tussen de basiszorg en de academische kerntaken in de eerste en tweede lijn.

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Over de afdeling Eerstelijnsgeneeskunde

De afdeling Eerstelijnsgeneeskunde maakt de verbinding tussen de basiszorg en de academische kerntaken in de eerste en tweede lijn. De nadruk ligt daarbij op het welzijn van de patiënt, genereren en verspreiden van kennis over medische vraagstukken uit de praktijk en aantoonbare en excellente kwaliteit.

Onze missie

Wij streven naar goede, toegankelijke zorg, dichtbij huis en doelmatig: ‘A significant impact on health - personalized healthcare in context’.

Pim Assendelft, afdelingshoofd en Robert Opsteeg, bedrijfsleider
Nynke Scherpbier, unithoofd Vervolgopleidingen
Olga de Haes, interim unithoofd Onderwijs
Tjard Schermer, unithoofd Onderzoek

Onderzoek, onderwijs en opleiding

Als afdeling bieden wij onderzoek en onderwijs binnen de vakgebieden huisartsgeneeskunde, specialist ouderengeneeskunde, sociale geneeskunde, geneeskunde voor mensen met verstandelijke beperkingen, vrouwenstudies en medische informatiekunde.


Als afdeling Eerstelijnsgeneeskunde dragen wij met onze scharnierfunctie actief bij aan de goede relatie tussen het Radboudumc en het extramurale eerstelijns werkveld. Als netwerkafdeling pur sang participeert Eerstelijnsgeneeskunde dan ook in een groot aantal (academische) netwerken en academische werkplaatsen



Twanny Jeijsman-Rouwhorst
(024) 361 63 32

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The Department of Primary and Community Care

Our mission is ‘to have a significant impact on health - personalized healthcare in context’ and consists of three units: Training, Education and Research. As department we actively participate in research, undergraduate and graduate programs.

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The Department of Primary and Community Care

The Department of Primary and Community Care and internationalization

The mission of our department is ‘to have a significant impact on health - personalized healthcare in context’ and consists of three units:  Training, Education and Research. As department we actively participate in research, undergraduate  and graduate programs. Head of our department is professor Pim Assendelft.
The department’s research is organized in the following eight research themes:
Chronic respiratory diseases
Cardio metabolic diseases
Mental health
Neurological and neurodegenerative diseases
Infectious diseases
Oncology and palliative care
Person-centered care (gender, vulnerable groups, communication)
Integrated neighborhood-oriented work
All research themes feature sub-research themes.
The department offers undergraduate and graduate training in the following disciplines:
General Practice/Family medicine
Elderly care
Social medicine
Public health/Occupational medicine
Intellectual disabilities medicine
Addiction medicine


The Department of Primary and Community Care is committed to internationalization: we maintain close relationships and high standards of our relationships with other international universities, courses and trainers in the fields of both education and research. We also have close working relationships with various organizations on our university campus dealing with internationalization. For more information please contact Mr. Guus Busser, MD, coordinator international contacts via email at guus.busser@radboudumc.nl

Radboudumc Transmural Knowledge and Innovation Center

The Radboudumc Transmural Knowledge and Innovation Center provides an accessible, complete knowledge and logistic infrastructure supporting transmural innovation and research. As such, we are your perfect partner in projects between hospital (care) and regional primary care.

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Wat doen wij?

Ons onderzoek

In ons onderzoek werken we samen met onze netwerkpartners: diverse organisaties in de regio en onderzoekers van andere afdelingen, zowel van het Radboudumc als van andere (academische) ziekenhuizen.

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Ons onderwijs

Als afdeling verzorgen wij veel onderwijs binnen de studies Geneeskunde en Biomedische Wetenschappen, zoals huisartsgeneeskunde en ouderengeneeskunde.

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Onze vervolg­opleidingen

Wij bieden vervolgopleidingen tot huisarts, specialist ouderengeneeskunde, verslavingsarts, bedrijfs- of verzekeringsarts. Daarnaast bieden wij de kaderopleidingen Astma en COPD, Urogynacologie en Huisarts en Spoedzorg aan.

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Onze netwerken

Als onderdeel van haar strategie zet het Radboudumc actief in op duurzame netwerken. In netwerken delen we onze kennis, doen we kennis op, vergroten deze en verspreiden kennis weer verder.

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