Agenda 17Jul2019 Seminar Wei Sun

About Printing cells: Process, application and challenge

3D Bio-Printing prints living cells to build in vitro physiological models. The printed tissue models have been widely applied to regenerative medicine, studying disease pathogenesis, developing molecular therapeutics, and screening drugs. This presentation will review the basic principle of printing cells and report our recent study on printing in vitro physiological models with its application to regenerative medicine, disease study and drug testing. An overview of a cell printing process and enabling printing techniques will be introduced first, followed by examples of printing different tissue models for drug testing, including printing ESCs for formation of embryonic body, printing neuron cells to construct in vitro neural network models for studying DNQX influence, and printing hiPSC cells for hepatocyte differentiation and integration with microfluidics for drug toxicity testing. A case study of printing cancer (Hela) cells to build 3D in vitro tumor models for studying chemoresistance and expressions of genes and tumor markers will also be presented. Comparison of biological data derived from 3D printed in vitro models with 2D planar models in petri-dishes will be given wherever appropriate. A personal opinion on challenges and opportunities of 3D bio-printing will also be given.
Dr. Wei Sun is Albert Soffa Chair Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Drexel University, and National “Thousand-Talent” Distinguished Professor and Director of Biomanufacturing and Medical Devices Frontier Innovation Engineering Research Center, Tsinghua University, China. Dr. Wei Sun is National “Thousand-Talent” Distinguished Professor and Director of Biomanufacturing Center, Tsinghua University, China, and Albert Soffa Chair Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Drexel University, USA. Dr. Sun’s research has been on Biofabrication and 3D Bio-Printing, and has funding from National Science Foundation, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, National Institute of Standard and Technology. the Chinese Natural Science Foundation, the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Chinese Ministry of Education. Dr. Sun has published over 160+ peer-reviewed journal papers with 8500+ SCI citations, 50+ patent applications, and conducted 350+ invited national and international presentations in the field of his research. Dr. Sun is the Founding President for International Society of Biofabrication (2010-2014), and currently serving Editor-in-Chief for international journal Biofabrication. Dr. Sun received Distinguished Visiting Fellow Award from the Royal Academy of Engineering in UK (2018), Visiting Professorship from Nanyang Technological University (2018-2020), the inaugural Senior Investigator Award from International Society of Biofabrication (2017), MII / Fralin Visiting Scholar Award from Virginia Tech (2015).

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  • Wednesday 17 July 2019, 10:30 - 11:30 hrs.


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