Agenda 04sep2019 Cognomics Conference 2019

About the Cognomics Conference

We invite you to join the Cognomics Conference 2019 where we will discuss the complex connections between genes, brain structure and function, and cognitive processes relevant to e.g. language and psychiatric disorders.

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About the Cognomics Conference

This year’s edition will cover a broad range of topics and levels of research: from the study of single cell RNA-sequencing to multi-scale connectomics in psychiatric disorders (see the confirmed speakers below). Bridging the gaps between the various lines of research is a fundamental challenge, which will be reflected upon in a panel discussion. Attendees can contribute to the program by submitting an abstract to be considered for a poster or oral presentation.
Confirmed speakers include:
  • Prof. Grainne McAlonan (King’s College London, UK) on perinatal and infant imaging
  • Dr. Lea Davis (Vanderbilt University, US) on evolutionary aspects of psychiatric genetics and the brain
  • Dr. Frédérique Liégeois (University College London, UK) on brain markers of inherited speech disorders
  • Dr. Nathan Skene (Imperial College London, UK) on single cell RNA-sequencing and the link with brain disorders
  • Dr. Martijn van den Heuvel (VU Amsterdam, NL) on brain evolution and multi-scale connectomics in psychiatric disorders
  • Dr. Frank Jacobs (University of Amsterdam, NL) on the genomics of human brain evolution
  • Dr. Ida Elken Sønderby (University of Oslo, Norway) on the effects of copy number variants on brain structure and cognitive traits

Practical information

  • 4 and 5 September 2019


Sophie Akkermans MSc