Agenda 18Sep2019 Seminar Karthikeyan Gnasekaran

About this seminar

Towards chemical reaction development within transmission electron microscope.

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About this seminar

Nanomaterials of increasing complex chemistry and functions are in development. These sophisticated systems are designed to undergo transformations in response to stimuli. It is precisely this dynamic nature of complex and functionalized materials that are of interest across several applications from sensors to drug delivery. In situ characterization of these materials via transmission electron microscopy in solution – termed as liquid-phase transmission electron microscopy (LPTEM) is a nascent technique. LPTEM has ability to image materials in solution phase, at variable temperatures, capture self-assembly and dis-assembly with nanometer resolution. Thus, it has shown the potential to perform and monitor chemical reactions to study self-assembly, growth mechanisms, chemical kinetics in native state of all kinds of nanomaterials, biomaterials, hybrid materials. This presentation will highlight the current developments, strategies, and challenges towards such reaction development, in particular to highly beam-sensitive low contrast soft matter and biological materials. We anticipate that chemical synthesis and reaction development, conducted in tandem with liquid-phase TEM experiments, will accelerate the discovery of new materials with new properties. 

Practical information

  • Wednesday 18 September 2019, 16:00 - 17:00 hrs.

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