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About Donders Discussions 2019

Get ready for the 12th edition of the Donders Institute’s PhD organized conference “Donders Discussions”.

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About Donders Discussions 2019

For the first time, it will take place at “De Lindenberg - Huis voor de Kunsten”, located in the heart of the oldest city in the Netherlands - Nijmegen. Originally a centre for Arts and Culture Education; we felt it is time to add science to the list and educate each other about current developments in neurosciences on September 30th and October 1st, 2019.

This year’s edition will be held under the motto “Breaking habits”. We start off by breaking our first habit - the conference will now be held at the beginning of the week, instead of at the end. Thereby we hope to provide you with a fresh and fun way to start on a Monday morning with the opening lecture about breaking habits by Dr. Sanne de Wit.  Stay up to date for many more broken habits to be announced down the road!

As every year, we are focusing on the diversity of the research topics within the Donders, but also from outside the institute. We would like to invite researchers from different fields such as evolutionary and behavioural, cognitive and computational neuroscience and create the space for all of us to discuss, collaborate and learn from each other.

We welcome Dr. Sanne de Wit (UvA), Dr. Katherine Bryant (RU/University of Oxford), Prof. Dr. Judith Homberg and Prof. Dr. Jan Buitelaar as keynote speakers.  Most importantly, though we welcome you to come, share, learn and teach! Let's get together with your colleagues to listen to ideas from the most divergent areas of neuroscience and exchange thoughts.

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Practical information

  • 30 September and 1 October 2019


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