Agenda Symposium 25May2023

25 May 2023


Psychiatry includes the assessment, treatment, and prevention of complex brain disorders, such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, developmental disorders and addiction. The core mission of psychiatric practice is to prevent and alleviate the distress and impairment caused by these disorders, which account for a substantial part of the global burden of illness-related disability.

Psychiatry is grounded in clinical neuroscience but ultimately needs to bridge the divide between social and natural sciences. Social factors may be determinant in triggering psychiatric disorders and should be considered for therapeutic intervention in order to improve patients’ well-being. Moreover, social and cultural factors affect our cognitive schema as well our child-rearing patterns. To illustrate the development on this topic at the Radboud University Medical Center/Donders Institute we have brought together multidisciplinary experts from the department of psychiatry who will share their vision.


  • 8.45 Incoming and registration

    9.00 Opening Day Chair | Prof. Robbert Jan Verkes

    9.15 Computational Neuropsychiatry | Prof. Roshan Cools

    9.45 Genetics in psychiatry; from basic research towards clinical applications | Prof. Barbara Franke

    10.15 Translational psychiatry | Dr. Lot de Witte Dr. Guusje Collin

    11.00 Coffee break

    11.15 Difficult to treat depression : underlying mechanisms and treatment approaches | Dr. Philip van Eijndhoven, Dr. Eric Ruhe, Dr. Janna Vrijsen

    12.15 Mindfulness based interventions for patients with psychiatric disorders: from the marges to the mainstream | Prof. Anne Speckens

    12.45 Lunch break/Networking

    13.30 Integrating translational neuroscience into addiction psychiatry | Prof. Arnt Schellekens

    14.00 Clinical research into Child and Adolescent psychiatry | Prof. Wouter Staal

    14.30 Closing remarks Day Chair | Prof. Robbert Jan Verkes

    14.45 Walk to the Aula

    15.45h 'There may be better times but this one is ours' | Inaugurational speech Prof. Indira Tendolkar Head of department of psychiatry Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen Aula Radboud University Nijmegen