Agenda Workshop Simple AI tools for image analysis

29 February 2024

Not sure how to spend this extra day of the year? Then join this workshop to learn about simple AI tools that
will make your (image analysis) life easier during all the other days of the year. In this workshop, we provide you with a basic understanding of several recently developed open source AI tools with a specific focus on Stardist (nucleus detection) and Cellpose (cell detection). The workshop consists of a theory part and a hands-on part where you will learn how to work with these AI tools on your own (Radboud) computer.

Please note
• A basic understanding of image segmentation is recommended (for example having followed the Fiji (course)
• The course will only take place with at least 10 participants and has a maximum of 24
• There is time to work with own data so please bring it


Download the flyer here.

  • 13:00 – 17:00 hrs, Vz onderwijs CDL, route 231 (M220.01.023)