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About the course

When science meets law: forensic epidemiology in legal practice. Radboud Summer School offers a course on forensic epidemiology – a fast-developing field in which scientific methods are used to support fact finding in legal procedures.

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About the course

Many law practitioners are confronted with scientific approaches to evaluate evidence, without having knowledge of the principles and assumptions behind the scientific methodology. Accordingly, (bio)medical scientists are increasingly relied upon to provide legal case analysis and expert testimony, but they lack insight in the basics of legal practice. This course offers the unique opportunity for students (postgraduate master or PhD level) and professionals with either a legal or epidemiologic background to learn more about the fascinating field connecting their disciplines. 
As an added bonus, an extensive social program is offered after classes, free of charge. We hope to see you in Nijmegen this summer!

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Practical Information

  • 13 August 2018 - 17 August 2018