Our expertise

Controlled Human infection models (CHIM) aim to better understand the interaction between an infectious agent and the human host.  In this clinical model,  a well-characterised  infectious agent or micro-organism, is given to carefully selected healthy adult volunteers  followed by stringent clinical follow-up and final treatment. Safety of the participating volunteers is a leading principle. These studies play a vital role in helping to accelerate clinical development of new vaccines and drugs for specific infectious diseases. Radboudumc Center for Infectious Diseases will initially focus on controlled human infection models for malaria, sepsis and respiratory infections.

Call for volunteers

  • Frequently we are recruiting healthy volunteers (18-35) for malaria research. Do you want to participate? Or do you want to receive more information about our studies?


Participating in scientific research

If you are healthy and 18-35 years old, you can sign up as a volunteer to participate in these studies. After an intensive screening and after approval from the medical ethics committee you will receive a small amount of a well-characterized micro-organism (or component thereof). You will then be carefully monitored and treated. Your safety is our most guiding principle.


Good clinical practice

Our scientific research involving humans is always conducted and monitored according to our Integral Quality System. This system has been drafted on behalf of the Radboudumc executive board and is based on the current (inter)national laws and regulations involving Good Clinical Practice.

Our models