For children with anorectal malformation, Hirschsprung disease or other congenital intestinal disorders, there are consultations with specialized pediatric surgeons (Rassouli, van der Steeg, de Blaauw, Botden) and a clinical nurse specialist (van de Vorle).
Because many patients have a multidisciplinary condition (i.e. a condition that requires multiple specialists), there is also the possibility to make a joint appointment. For example, a joint appointment can be made with the clinical nurse specialist, the pediatric surgeon, the pediatrician, the pediatric urologist and/or the gynecologist. An appointment can also be made with other specialists, such as a neurologist or neurosurgeon.

For the continence training, there is a special intake consultation for children 3 years and older. This is a consultation with the child psychologist, the pediatric and pelvic floor physiotherapist, the pediatric surgeon and the clinical nurse specialist.
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