Transition consultation

Every other month, there is a set consultation during which the pediatrics team (pediatric surgeon, clinical nurse specialist, together with other specialists when needed) transfers patients to the adult team (surgeon for adult and clinical nurse specialist). The transition consultation is for patients being treated at Radboudumc, but if your child is being treated elsewhere, you can also sign him/her up for the consultation.
From 12 years old, we will begin preparing you and your child for the transition. We use an Individual Transition Plan (ITP) that your child, possibly with your assistance, can complete at home in preparation for the appointment at the hospital with the doctor and/or clinical nurse specialist.
The transition is part of the follow-up consultation in which children, and later adolescents, are invited to consultations at set intervals. Among the professionals present at these consultations are the pediatric surgeon (primary practitioner), clinical nurse specialist, dietician, pediatrician, psychologist, physiotherapist, urologist, neurologist,  and/or gynecologist.
You can sign up for this consultation via the pediatric surgery secretary
T +31 (0)24 361 97 61
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