PhD Council DCMN

The Donders PhD Council consists of 4 different councils representing each center of the Donders Insitute. It provides relevant information for PhD candidates, such as courses and social activities, developments within the Donders Institute and important rules and regulations.

As part of this Donders Institute-wide PhD council, the DCMN PhD Council represents the interests of DCMN PhD candidates who are working both at the Donders Insitute and Radboudumc. It acts as a liaison between the Institute's management team and its PhD candidates. 

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At Radboudumc and Donders Institute, we have several communication channels in place to keep you informed about all the news, events and other developments that might be of interest to you, while avoiding extensive emailing.

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For all Radboudumc PhD’s communication about will run through the Radboudumc Research newsletter. If you are not yet receiving it, you can sign up via this link.


For DCMN PhD’s the additional routes of communication apply:

  1. The Donders Weekly Newsletter: for all Donders Institute employees (signup via email)
  2. PhD Monthly Newsletter: for all PhD's connected to the Donders Institute ((log-in with z-number; use Chrome)
  3. Mattermost Channel: for an informal Donders Institute-wide communication where you can talk to your fellows (in order to create account, a request for e-number via email is currently necessary)

Contact Us

DCMN PhD council Email:

Donders PhD Council Email:
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Are you a new PhD candidate at Radboudumc?

Click below to go to the page where you can find all the information you need to know as a PhD candidate at Radboudumc. 

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