Members PhD Council

PhD council members

Kim Wiegertjes (Neurology)
Mitchel Stokkermans (CNS)

Loes Ottink (Biophysics)
Jesse Heckman (Biophysics)
Meron Vermaas (Neuroinformatica)

PhD Council DCMN

The DCMN/DCN PhD Council represents the interests of PhD candidates within the Institute and acts as a liaison between the Institute's management team and its PhD candidates. The DCMN PhD Council is part of the institute wide Donders Institute PhD Council. read more


The PhD Council provides relevant information for PhD candidates, such as courses and social activities, developments within the Donders Institute and important rules and regulations.

Monthly meeting

The Donders PhD council hosts monthly meetings. They consist of informative or interactive workshops, and are often accompanied by lunch, drinks, or a social event. We aim to make these meetings educational, social, and fun. see full programme

PhD retreat Donders Discussions

The Donders Discussions is an annual two-day international neuroscience conference organised for and by PhD canidates and takes place in October. The first edition took place 10 years ago and has ever since grown to become one of the largest conferences for PhD students in neuroscience. The conference has a strongly multi-disciplinary objective, covering the fields in Neuroscience from the molecular level up to cognitive brain system level. This integration of diverse disciplines creates an optimal atmosphere for fruitful discussions which can potentially lead to future collaborations.  Visit the website of Donders Discussions for more information.

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