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Education Courses BROK 2018

About this course About this course

In this course a clinical researcher will learn about the regulations and organization of research. The BROK consists of the following parts: a self-assessment, a study arrangement, a local session (centrumspecifieke bijeenkomst) and a national exam.

Dutch-taught course variant

This curse is also taught in Dutch. As such, the detailed information can be found on the Dutch part of our website. go to course info in Dutch


You can register for this course on the national website of the NFU BROK Academy. go to the site

Meeting and exam dates 2018

In 2018, an English local session will start on 19 March (with an exam on 30 March) and on 24 September (with an exam on 5 October). Dutch sessions will start on 22 January (with an exam on 2 February), 7 May (with an exam on 25 May) and 12 November (with an exam on 30 November).

In short

  • Clinical researchers.

Info about the BROK

For information about the BROK, please visit the website or mail to support@nfubrokacademie.nl go to the site

Questions? Mail the BROK-helpdesk

For all questions please contact the BROK helpdesk.

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Questions? Mail the BROK-helpdesk

For all questions please send an e-mail to: support@nfubrokacademie.n


Entrance: Study Center Medical Sciences
Route: route 74 - 142

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This course is offered by Radboudumc Health Academy: the education and training institute for everyone working in the healthcare sector. read more in Dutch
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