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About this course

Everybody who want to know more about systematic review methodology and the essential steps in the process.

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About this course

Before you start a new animal experiment, a thorough analysis of previously performed experiments is essential from a scientific as well as from an ethical point of view.

The method that is most suitable for carrying out such a thorough analysis of the literature is a systematic review.

In this e-learning preclinical animal research is used as an example. The principles of the synthesis of evidence methodology used in the e-learning can also be applied to other kinds of (animal) research

This e-learning is an introduction to systematic reviews of animal studies. You will practice the most important steps of a systematic review and learn about the advantages as well as the limitations of this methodology.

General introduction to systematic reviews of animal studies. Videoscribe on the importance of the methodology. Experiences from experts. Steps in a systematic review:
  • Review question
  • Comprehensive search
  • Study selection
  • Study characteristics
  • Quality assessment
  • Meta-analysis
  • Wrap-up


Marlies Leenaars PhD