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The lessons are partly online, with virtual classrooms. The practicals are at the Study Center medical Sciences, Radboud university medical center, Nijmegen.


Enter building at: Study Center Medical Sciences
Education Courses TMS-VRS-D

About this course

The course will take place during 8 days, divided over 4 weeks (on Mondays and Tuesdays).



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About this course

The course takes place during 8 days, divided over 4 weeks (on Mondays and Tuesdays). In between the coursedays there will be self study via our self study module. 

At the end of the courses, there will be an exam. After the exam is passed you will receive an official diploma, issued by the Dutch radiation association (NVS).

Program at a glance:


about the course set-up and the use of radiation in research


  • about research methods with ionizing radiation
  • about the effects of radiation and legislation


  • 'Safe working’
  • Transport Assay’

Response lectures:

  • about practicals, lecture and excercises


  • covering basic knowledge about radioactive decay, properties of radiation including shielding and uses of radiation. This e-learning is in part a refresher of secundary school physics, but also goes deeper into these subjects.



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Entrance: Study Center Medical Sciences

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In short

  • The course is intended for laboratory staff and students who work with open radioactive sources.

  • You will learn

    Main learning goals

    After completion of the course you are able to:
    •  do research with radioisotopes in a standard isotope laboratory
    •  work safely with ionising radiation
    •  explain the risks of exposure to ionizing radiation
    •  apply the local rules for working with radioisotopes
    •  understand the additional information and instructions from the radiation protection officer
    •  check their workplace and themselves for radioactive contamination
    •  perform simple decontaminations
    •  supervise workers in a class D isotope laboratory


  • Dates

    The course dates in 2024 are:

    5-6-12-13-19-20-26 and 27 February 2024.


  • Costs

    The price includes the exam, a possible re-examination and teaching materials, lunches and coffee/tea. 

    The exact price is not known yet, but will be around €1500. 

    Students register via Osiris for TMS-VRS-C..

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