Education Events 10496 3rd Nijmegen Prostate Cancer Prospects

New date

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we have taken the difficult decision to postpone the 3rd Nijmegen Prostate Cancer Prospects Meeting scheduled to take place on 24 & 25 September 2021. We now anticipate on holding the event on 22 & 23 March 2022.

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New date

Please bear with us as the Organising Committee works through the next steps. The program, possibly with some adjustments, will be published on this website as soon as possible.

Thank you all for your understanding in these uncertain times, and we wish you all the best.

We will endeavour to host a successful and enjoyable conference in March 2022.

James Nagarajah and Fred Verzijlbergen


Registration will be possible soon.


Accreditation will be requested for:

  • NVRO (Dutch Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology)
  • NIV (Dutch Society for Internal Medicine, for oncologists)
  • NVU (Dutch Society for Urology)
  • NVNG (Dutch Society for Nucleair Medicine)
  • NVvR (Dutch Society for Radiology)
  • ADAP (Radiodiagnostic lab technicians, radiotherapeutic lab technicians, medical nuclear workers, ultrasound technicians)


A new updated program will be published here soon.

Introduction to the meeting

The Radboud university medical center invites you to attend the 3rd Nijmegen Prostate Cancer Prospects on Tuesday and Wednesday March 22 and 23, 2022.
This international conference will cover state-of-the-art, novel and future aspects on prostate cancer care, from diagnostic aspects to therapeutic applications. The presentations will be arranged in sections which focus on local prostate cancer, low-volume as well as advanced disease. An international group of experts in the field will present their work or review latest developments. During the sessions we also will discuss pros and cons or particular approaches in view of new insights in this field.

We would like to invite colleagues in urology, medical oncology, nuclear medicine, radiology and radiation oncology as well as all interested colleagues in this topic to join us in this very exciting scientific meeting.


We have invited multiple (inter)national renowned speakers that will present their newest finding on a number of topics



  • Staging/Diagnostics
  • Local PC
  • Low volume disease
  • Local recurrent and metastatic mCRPC
  • Future perspectives in PC management

Invited speakers and committees

Invited speakers

Prof. Dr. Jelle Barentsz  

Prof. Dr. Martin Gotthardt

Prof. Dr. Edwin Cuppen

Prof. Anwar Padhani

Prof. Michael Hofman

Dr. ir. Tom Scheenen

Prof. Dr. Jack Schalken

Dr. Inge van Oort

Prof. Dr. Steven Joniau

Dr. Piet Dirix

Prof. Dr. Jurgen Fütterer

Prof. Dr. Fred Witjes

Dr. Robert Jan Smeenk

Dr. Michiel Sedelaar

Dr. Henk van der Poel

Prof. Piet Ost

Prof. Declan Murphy

Dr. Michiel Sedelaar

Prof. Dr. Winald Gerritsen

Dr. Niven Mehra

Prof. Dr. Nick James

Silke Gillessen

Prof. Dr. Samer Ezziddin

Prof. Dr. Bernd Krause

Prof. Dr. Winald Gerritsen

Dr. Marcel Janssen

Dr. Patrik Zámecnik

Prof. Michael Hofman

Prof. Dr. Jochen Walz

Dr. Joaquin Mateo

Dr. Fijs van Leeuwen

Dr. Linda Kerkmeijer

Prof. Karim Fizazi

Prof. Dr. Nassir Navab

 Organizing committee

Prof. Dr. Fred Verzijlbergen

Prof. James Nagarajah

Need more info? Contact us

Jacqueline Bolderheij
Project Officer

+31 (0)6 27 52 05 48


The event will be held at the Van der Valk Hotel in Lent, nearby Nijmegen.

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The event will be held at the Van der Valk Hotel Nijmegen-Lent, located directly at Nijmegen Lent station.

Participants can book a room:

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