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About the event

The Research Integrity Rounds are organized 3 times a year for master students and research staff. read more

About the event

The Research Integrity Rounds are organized at Radboudumc to stimulate dialogue and debate about matters of research integrity.

All members of the academic community, from student to PhD candidate to professor, are invited to join this exchange.

Please note that PhD candidates can add the Research Integrity Rounds to their Training and Supervision Plan (TSP).


Research Integrity Round, 21 September 2022 register

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7 December 2022 and 15 March 2023 (webinars 16:00 - 17:30 hrs). More information will follow


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Research Integrity Round 21 September 2022 Publication ethics: Promises, problems and perspectives


The topic of the first Radboudumc Research Integrity Round (RIR#14) of the academic year 2022-2023 will be publishing - a key activity in research and pivotal to scientific progress; yet, also source of multiple integrity issues. First our guest Tamarinde Haven will outline what originally were the reasons and ideals for publishing (“promises”). Then two experienced researchers (Iris Nagtegaal and Bart Kiemeney) will share with us their experiences and perverse incentives through case studies (“problems”). We will end with discussing ideas to improve the system (“perspectives”).
The meeting will be an interactive meeting with pitches, polls and panel discussions and you will, of course, have the opportunity to ask your questions to our guests, and discuss matters with each other through the participants chat as well. 


•    Dr. Tamarinde Haven (Charité, Berlin), Postdoctoral researcher at the BIH QUEST Center for Responsible Research
•    Prof. Iris Nagtegaal (Radboudumc), Professor of Gastrointestinal pathology 
•    Prof. Bart Kiemeney (Radboudumc), Professor of Epidemiology

Your host during this Research Integrity Round will be Dr. Jos Kole.

Time and location

Wednesday 21 September 2022 16:00 – 17:30 hrs
The meeting will be a webinar. The webinar link will be sent to you after registration.


Registration is required. Please register via

Target group

We invite all master students, junior and senior researchers and other staff members to attend this event and join the discussion.
Please note that PhD candidates can add the Research Integrity Rounds to their Training and Supervision Plan.

Previous editions

The Research Integrity Rounds have been organized since September 2018.

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Previous editions

  • March 2022: "Research Integrity in times of crisis: Juggling slow and fast science". Guests: Dr. Daniel Warmerdam, Prof. Debby Gerritsen, Prof. Marcel Olde Rikkert, Prof. Saskia Middeldorp. View the webinarRead the blog.
  • December 2021: "The challenges of collaboration with profit and non-profit organisations". Guests: Tanya Sluyter (Novartis Pharma B.V.), Prof. Carel Hoyng (Dept. of Opthalmology) and Prof. Lex Bouter (Amsterdam UMC). View the webinar. Read the blog. Presentation Prof. Lex Bouter. Presentation Tanya Sluyter.
  • September 2021: “The Dark Side of Science: Misconduct in Biomedical Research”. Guest: Dr Elisabeth Bik. Read the blog
  • March 2021: Research Integrity Rounds - College Tour. Dorine Swinkels - professor of Laboratory Medicine, Maroeska Rovers - professor of Evidence-based Surgery and Marcel Olde Rikkert - professor of Clinical Geriatrics. View the webinar  
  • December 2020: “Recognition and Rewards for Radboudumc Academics”. Guests: Prof. Jeroen Geurts (Director ZonMw), Dr Annemijn Algra (UMC Utrecht, Young Science in Transition), Dean Prof. Jan Smit. View the webinar. Read the blog.
  • September 2020: “Sex and gender and research integrity: a tale of how and who”. Guests: Prof. Hanneke Takkenberg (Erasmus University), Prof. Sabine Oertelt, Dean Prof. Jan Smit. View the webinar  
  • March 2020: “Can we change science? Yes, we can?” Guest: Prof. Frank Miedema, one of the persons who started the Dutch Science in Transition movement in 2013
  • December 2019: “Facing Integrity Challenges: How does Peer Review cause or resolve issues?”. Guests: Serge Horbach, researcher and expert on peer review in relation to scientific integrity, and Prof. Roshan Cools, researcher and editor of a scientific journal
  • September 2019: “Scientists on the sofa. How to survive as researcher without losing your integrity”. Guests: Joeri Tijdink, author of the book “Wetenschappers op de sofa”, DCMN director Prof. Guillen Fernandez and PhD candidate Tamara van Woezik
  • March 2019: College tour with three experienced Radboudumc researchers (Prof. Alessandra Cambi, Prof. Judith Prins, Dr Edo Richard) who spoke about their experiences with perverse stimuli but also about their passion for research
  • February 2019: Introduction of the new Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity with the interactive play “The ConScience App” followed by a discussion based on the new code
  • December 2018: Movie ‘On being a scientist’ with a discussion led by one of the initiators of the movie Prof. Frans van Lunteren, Professor of history of the Natural Sciences at Leiden University
  • September 2018: Authorship of Master students: a matter of scientific integrity?