About this event

Radboud university medical center organizes the 3rd Nijmegen Advanced Breast Imaging Course, on 28th of June, 2018. A course for advanced medical imaging of breast cancer with a specific focus on clinical applicability.

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About this event

This is an advanced level course in breast imaging with a specific focus on clinical applicability. Breast imaging is the most multimodal discipline in radiology, and the most interactive. In practice, it is a complex discipline that needs to take into account patient needs and epidemiological facts.

The course aims to discuss the current advances in breast imaging, from image generation to patient care and screening. 

On this day the next sessions will occur:

  • Risk factors/density
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Screening
  • DCIS

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Preliminary program

8.15 Registration, coffee and tea  

8.45 Welcome
Dr. R. Mann and dr. I. Sechopoulos, Radboud university medical center, Nijmegen  

9.00 Session: Risk factors / density
Moderator dr. M. Broeders, Radboud university medical center

  • Hereditary and familial risk factors for breast cancer development, -  prof. dr. N. Hoogerbrugge, Radboud university medical center
  • The dense breast: risks, harms and solutions - prof. dr. C. van Gils, UMC Utrecht
  • Risk reduction of breast cancer – is tamoxifen the way forward? - prof. dr. P. Hall, Karolinska Institute, Sweden 

10.30 Coffee break  

11.00 Session: CAD
Moderator: dr. I. Sechopoulos, Radboud university medical center

  • Lesion detection and classification in mammograms and DBT, when can artificial intelligence replace the breast radiologist in screening? - drs. A. Rodriguez Ruiz, Radboud university medical center
  • Bringing CAD to pathology, detection and classification of lesions in specimen - dr. J. van der Laak , Radboud university medical center
  • Automated classification of breast cancer aggressiveness on MRI - dr. K. Gilhuijs, UMC Utrecht 

12.30 Lunch 

13.30 Session: Screening
Moderator dr. R. Mann, Radboud university medical center

  • Tomosynthesis as the new screening technique, how much images do we need? -  prof. dr. S. Zackrisson, Lund University, Sweden
  • The role of ultrasound in screening and work-up of screen detected lesions -  prof. Dr. R. Pijnappel, UMC Utrecht/LRCB
  • Breast MRI for screening, what do we need? - prof. dr. C. Kuhl, Uniklink Aachen, Germany   

15.00 Coffee / tea break  

15.30 Session: DCIS
Moderator dr. M. Smidt, Maastricht UMC+

  • Microcalcifications on the mammogram, now what? - dr. M. Wallis , Addenbrooke’s hospital, Cambridge, UK
  • Classification of DCIS in pathology, what do we want to find? - prof. dr. J. Wesseling, Netherlands Cancer Institute
  • MRI and other imaging tools to differentiate relevant from irrelevant DCIS - drs. R. Mus, Radboud university medical center 

17.00 Drinks

Course language: English

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Project Officer

+31 (0)6 1531 0241

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In short

  • The course aims at breast radiologists and other physicians dedicated to breast care, residents, medical physicists, nursing specialists and dedicated technicians.


Entrance: Radboud Auditorium
Route: 296

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Visiting address

Geert Grooteplein 15
6525 EZ Nijmegen

Radboud Auditorium
Geert Grooteplein 15
6525 EZ Nijmegen


Enter building at: Radboud Auditorium
Follow route 296