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Research Integrity Rounds

The Research Integrity Rounds are organized 3 times a year for master studens and research staff.

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Research Integrity Rounds

Radboudumc organizes 3 Research Integrity Rounds each year for both master students and research staff (PhD candidates and senior researchers) to aim awareness of academic integrity.The Research Integrity Rounds focus on both students and researchers particular for the interaction between these future and already experienced scientists.

Program 2019/2020

Program 2019/2020
Monday September 9, 2019 - with dr. Joeri Tijdink, psychiatrist and researcher at VU medical center and author of the book: Scientist or the sofa, how to survive at the university (translated from Dutch)
Monday December 2, 2019
Monday March 9, 2020

More info will follow soon.

Program 2018/2019
Monday September 10, 2018 - Authorship of Master-students: a matter of scientific integrity?
Monday December 3, 2019 - On Being a Scientist
Friday February 15, 2019 - The ConScience App, 10.00 - 12.00 (registration with coffee and tea 09.30)
Monday March 11. 2019 - College Tour,  starring Allessandra Cambi, Judith Prins & Edo Richard
With Pim Assendelft as host.

Regular time on the Mondays: 18.30 - 21.00 (registration with sandwiches 18.00)


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