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About this event

Radboud university medical center organizes the 4th Nijmegen Advanced Breast Imaging Course, on 19th of June, 2019. A course for advanced medical imaging of breast cancer with a specific focus on clinical applicability.

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About this event

This is an advanced level course in breast imaging with a specific focus on clinical applicability. Breast imaging is the most multimodal discipline in radiology, and the most interactive. In practice, it is a complex discipline that needs to take into account patient needs and epidemiological facts.

The course aims to discuss the current advances in breast imaging, from image generation to patient care and screening. 

On this day the following sessions will occur:

  • X-ray based imaging
  • Understanding breast cancer from micro to macro
  • MRI
  • Ultrasound

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Prelimenary program

8:15 Registration and coffee
8:45 Welcome - Dr. Ritse Mann
  SESSION: X-ray Imaging
9:00 Synthetic mammograms, what can they show and what not?
  Dr. Paola Clauser
9:30 Artificial intelligence in DBT, what can we expect? - Dr. Jonas Teuwen
10:00 Phase contrast - Dr. Marco Stampanoni
10:30 Coffee Break
  Session: MRI
11:00 Diffusion weighted imaging, how and when? - Dr. Monique Dorrius, 
  UMCG Groningen
11:30 ET/CT and PET/MRI for local and whole body evaluation in breast 
  cancer - Prof. dr. Lioe-Fee de Geus-Oei, LUMC
12:00 Metabolic imaging - Dr. Jannie Wijnen, UMC Utrecht
12:30 Lunch
  Session: Understanding breast cancer from micro to macro
13:30 From histological to molecular subtyping, what does it mean?
  Dr. Peter Bult, Radboudumc
14:00 The treasures in the biobank  Dr. Peggy Manders, Radboudumc
14:30 Understanding the big picture, a radiologist macroscopic view on the 
  cancer microstructure - Prof. dr. Isabelle Thomassin, France
15:00 Coffee / tea break
  Session: Ultrasound
15:30 Ultrasound for initial evaluation of symptomatic patients
  Drs. Linda Appelman
16:00 Ultrasound for cancer staging and therapy monitoring - Dr. Luc Steyaert
16:30 Ultrasound and optoacoustics; radiation free and non invasive 
  functional imaging? - Dr. Jeroen Veltman
17:00 Closure and drinks
  Course language: English

In short

  • The course aims at breast radiologists and other physicians dedicated to breast care, residents, medical physicists, nursing specialists and dedicated technicians.


Radboud University Nijmegen, Theater C, Elinor Oostrom building read more

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