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All doctoral graduation ceremonies are announced in the science agenda on our website, which is regularly consulted by journalists. To get your doctoral thesis on this agenda, please fill this form in no later than eight weeks prior to the defence of your doctoral thesis. It will be sent to our science information officers who can also help you if a journalist wants more information.
During working hours
Please write a short description of your past academic and research achievements (max 100 words). See science agenda items for examples.
Please give a brief summary of the subject of the doctoral thesis, conclusions and/or recommendations. The text of the summary should preferably be brief, rouse curiosity, and be written in a journalese style, i.e. a short and striking title, approximately 150 words, active language use, comprehensible, as little jargon as possible, emphasis on results/conclusions.
Please also add the Dutch and English summaries as they will appear in your thesis.
We kindly ask you to provide this information in Dutch too (it is often very difficult for us to translate jargon correctly, your helpful colleague will do better!)
Please include name and city publisher, contact at publisher’s (name and tel. no.) and the probable selling price.
If not, please leave blank.
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