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8 June 2018

Following the partnership agreement between the University of Twente and Radboudumc, in 2017 a new collaborative grant programme was launched, named the Twente University RadBoudumc Opportunities (TURBO) programme.

Annually, the two institutions will jointly supply four TURBO grants of 80K€ each. These project-based grants will be awarded to four (preferentially) new collaborations between researchers from the University of Twente and Radboudumc. The aim of this pre-seed subsidy is to support a joint grant application of a researcher of the University of Twente with a colleague of the Radboudumc. Typically, this concerns a collaborative grant application for the EU, STW, NWO, EFRO, Interreg etc. The grants can be spend freely, for example to hire (new) scientific personnel, purchase equipment, arrange networking events for the set up of new consortia, or to realize participation of industrial parties/companies for a joint grant application as done for the "STW perspectief". 

More information about the TURBO programme: link 

Time schedule:

15 August 2018, 23.59 hrs                Deadline full proposal TURBO grant
August-September-October 2018   Applications will be evaluated by the committee
End October 2018                              Granting meeting in Twente
January 2019                                       Start projects

Application form: link
Budget plan format: link

Submit your application documents to

Or contact the program managers:


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