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6 December 2018

Now you have the chance to vote for your preferred candidate. Have fun, and go for it, support and promote your ideal supervisor. The winner will be announced during the RIMLS New Year's drinks on 15 January 2019. Deadline for voting is 1 January 2019. Here is a line up of the three nominated finalists.

Vote here for your Supervisor of the year(deadline 1 January 2019)

Three reasons to vote for each candidate (in alphabetical order):

Matthijs Kox, theme Infectious diseases and global health

  1. Matthijs is always hungry for new data, with his absolute and contagious enthousiasm and passion for science and his sharp insight, he pushes his phD and master students to their best, but in a unconstrained manner.
  2. This Big Friendly Giant is the most caring supervisor you will find, as a PhD is also under his supervisoring wings when he is on vacation with his wife. He cannot resist to call you to ask you how the poster presentation or oral went, what happened with the latest lab tests and if the statistical analysis succeeded. Not because he is a control freak, just because he is immensely eager to know more. A true philosopher.
  3. Supervision by Matthijs is of exceptional good quality. He responds to our questions immediately (even outside regular working hours) and very thoroughly reviews the work of all his PhD candidates and gives feedback in a very comprehensive manner (e.g. not only regarding the content but also on scientific writing, presenting skills, etc.). To date, I have not encountered (or heard of another) supervisor who is doing this on the same level. Again, this is exceptional.
Michiel Vermeulen, theme Cancer development and immune defense
  1. Michiel is a highly creative and original scientist, with an excellent foundation in molecular biology and proteomics. Importantly, he also possesses the with adaptability to move into novel areas of science such as next generation and single-cell sequencing. He is constantly looking for new scientific problems to solve, and new fields where his existing expertise can find creative application to outstanding problems. 
  2. His acceptance of mistakes. If you mess up an experiment with a stupid mistake: a shrug of the shoulders and ‘uithuilen en opnieuw proberen’. Making mistakes is all part of the game and Michiel doesn’t make a big deal out of it (yet). Additionally, because his own agenda skills a subpar, you don’t have to feel bad if you occasionally forget an appointment :).
  3. Last but definitely not least: A borrel is taken to the next level when Michiel is present. Your first appraisal is preferably done after a few bears and entertaining chaos is ensured if Michiel is there. Paper borrels and grant celebrations are a highlight.
Richarda de Voertheme Tumors of the digestive tract
  1. Richarda embodies a ‘power vrouw’ (as we say in Dutch): With her young and bright appearance, she inspires and encourages young female scientists to pursue a career in academia.
  2. She is approachable; In her own words (‘mijn deur is altijd open/ my door is always open’). She joins the lunches several times a week to chat about other important topics as weekend nights, television shows, and pets.
  3. Her passion for research is reflected in her enthusiasm. Also, she is not afraid to change perspectives and to question current ways of thinking. 



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