10 May 2019

Rijnstate’s internist-intensivist Frank Bosch has been appointed as Professor of Acute Internal Medicine at Radboud University/Radboud University medical center/Rijnstate.

As a professor, Bosch specialises in the care for and treatment of acutely ill patients, particularly by using ultrasound. Ultrasound can contribute to faster and safer patient care, but is not sufficiently utilised in emergency situations, according to Bosch. Together with others, he developed ultrasound imaging courses for physicians at the start of their career and for internists and intensivists. Bosch’s chair therefore has a strong educational aspect. In the collaboration with Radboud university medical center/Rijnstate he will further develop “acute internal medicine in a (healthcare) network”. Bosch divides his working hours equally between Radboud university medical center and Rijnstate. He mainly works in the Acute Admissions department as well as in Emergency Care. He also provides lectures and supervises scientific research.

About Frank Bosch

Frank Bosch (Leiden, 1957) studied Medicine at Utrecht University, and specialised in Internal Medicine at Rijnstate and Radboud University medical center. He received his PhD for research into the ageing process of red blood cells. Since 1989, Frank Bosch has held several positions at Rijnstate in Arnhem. He was Head of Intensive Care (1989-2000), Specialist Manager of Internal Medicine, Chair of the Medical Staff Board, and Medical Manager of the Leerhuis.

Within the professional circle, Bosch was active within and outside of the Netherlands, including as a board member of the Samenwerkende Topklinische Opleidingsziekenhuizen (collaborating top-clinical university hospitals), president of the Nederlandse Internisten Vereniging (Dutch internist society), founder of the Federatie Medisch Specialisten (federation of medical specialists) and president of the European Federation of Internal Medicine. He is currently a member of the Supervisory Board of the Medisch Spectrum Twente hospital and he is member of the Advisory Board of Rechtbank Gelderland.

He has won a number of awards: the national patient safety award (Emergency Intervention Team), the Anna Reynvaan award (vulnerable elderly people in the IC), and the Harry Böstrom award (discussions around end-of-life and treatment limitations).
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