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About Daniele Tauriello

A cell biologist with biochemical roots and a strong interest in cancer immunology and immuno-oncology, experienced in mechanistic research as well as model development, eager to combine the two. read more

About Daniele Tauriello

Daniele studied chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences at Utrecht University. He obtained his PhD in Cell Biology under the supervision of Madelon Maurice at UMC Utrecht, focussing on molecular mechanisms in Wnt signalling. During his postdoctoral years in the lab of Eduard Batlle (IRB Barcelona, Spain), he studied the tumour microenvironment, identifying stromal TGFβ as a key metastatic driver in colorectal cancer. Daniele generated an immunocompetent, metastatic colon cancer mouse model that recapitulates human disease including key poor prognosis markers: T cell exclusion and high stromal TGFβ levels. He showed that TGFβ drives immune evasion and is a prime therapeutic target for patients with advanced disease. He recently obtained a Hypatia Tenure Track grant from the Radboudumc and a VIDI research grant from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific research (NWO) to set up his own lab. He continues to investigate mechanisms for immune evasion to find therapeutic strategies that can reactivate anti-cancer immunity in solid tumours such as colon cancer.


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  • assistant professor

Research group Translational CRC research

Daniele Tauriello's, Henk Verheul's, Nielka van Erp's and Iris Nagtegaal's research group is a cross-disciplinary research collaboration of four Radboudumc groups, with the aim of advancing clinical translation for colorectal cancer. read more

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