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Gerhard Zielhuis full professor

Gerhard Zielhuis is professor of Epidemiology.

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Gerhard Zielhuis full professor

Gerhard Zielhuis (1953) studied Human Nutrition and Epidemiology at Wageningen University and Research. Since 1979 he is employed at the Radboud University Medical Centre, Nijmegen for Epidemiology teaching and research. He received his PhD in 1985 with a thesis about school health and epidemiologic research, but most of his scientific production was in the domain of middle ear infections in children. Since this line of research has expired, he focuses on research infrastructures, research management and supervision of other investigators. In addition he is still active in teaching research methods and epidemiology in the Biomedical Sciences curriculum, of which he was one of the founding fathers in 1984.

He is registered senior epidemiologist by SMBWO since 1992. Gerhard was one of the founding fathers of the Dutch Society for Epidemiology in 1986 and took many responsibilities in the Board and subcommittees of this Society. Currently he chairs the audit team for accreditation of all epidemiology teaching programs in the Netherlands. Gerhard is full professor, coordinator of the bachelor curriculum in Biomedical Sciences, Director of the Radboud Biobank ( a full clinical biobank research facility of the RUMC), Managing Director of the String of Pearls Institute (a national network for clinical biobanking of all Dutch University Medical Centers) and member of many committees for the assessment of the scientific quality of research grants, PhD theses and journal manuscripts. He is (co)author of two textbooks (in Dutch) on research methods and epidemiology. Since 2012 he is member of the executive board of BBMRI-NL. In the same year he has also become a member of the Health Council.

Personal prizes & awards national international

  • 2017: Royal decoration: officer in the order of Oranje Nassau
  • 1995: Prof Lammers award for excellence in educational

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