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MRI-guided Transurethral UltraSound Ablation

We perform MRI-guided Transurethral UltraSound Ablation (TULSA) in the prostate.

Jurgen Futterer MD PhD

full professor

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We perform MRI-guided Transurethral UltraSound Ablation (TULSA) in patients with localized prostate cancer.

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We perform MRI-guided Transurethral UltraSound Ablation (TULSA) in patients with localized prostate cancer. We can either treat the whole prostate or only a specific area of the prostate. The ablation device is inserted in the patient’s urethra. During ablation high-intensity ultrasound waves will destroy the prostate tissue. The ablation process is continuously monitored by real-time MR temperature mapping. A special balloon is inserted in the rectum to cool the rectal wall and to prevent it from heating.

Research within MITeC

The TULSA treatment is performed at the MITeC facility, under real-time MRI guidance. So, during the treatment, the patient is in the MR-scanner.

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