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Public health research focus

Koos van der Velden’s research group focuses on several themes: infectious disease, integral health policy & health promotion, work & health, crisis containment and global health.

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Public health research focus

Infectious disease

Our research focuses on occurrence, impact and prevention of infectious diseases on the level of primary and public health care. By cooperating with Regional Public Health Services we perform multiple studies relevant for gaining knowledge on important public health issues.
WHO Influenza delivers continuous support for European influenza surveillance and pandemic preparedness planning

Integral health policy & health promotion

Questions of two Municipal Health Services and their affiliated municipalities are scientifically answered. Actual themes are obesity, care sport connectors, health inequalities, youth health, local health policy, social domain and welfare. We also offer a postgraduate training program in addiction medicine.

Work & health

Innovative projects are carried out in hospital setting and in primary care. We also offer postgraduate training programs in occupational and insurance medicine.

Crisis containment

The work focuses on large scale crisis support, big event management, dangerous materials, extremist’ attacks.

Global health

Another focus of our research group is Global health.

Research group leader

Koos van der Velden MD PhD
full professor

+31 (0)24 361 31 22

Aims of this research group

This group has several aims.

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Aims of this research group

Amphi Infectious Disease Control

Our research group aims:
  • To contribute to the knowledge on occurrence of infectious diseases and resistance patterns in certain regions and groups of people
  • To understand determinants of vaccine hesitancy in order to develop interventions for improvement of vaccine acceptance
  • To assess the impact of infectious diseases on psychosocial and work-related outcomes, with focus on impact of Q-fever
  • To contribute to understanding of options for prevention and control of infectious diseases
WHO Technical support for influenza surveillance in the European region as part of overall influenza control The following key activities are performed:
  • Lead /support writer of WHO /Europe on the Flu News weekly Bulletin
  • Contribute to risk assessment as necessary
  • Calculate epidemiological and intensity thresholds for countries
  • Contribute to quality of surveillance data (i.e. assessment tools / site assessments / identify denominators / data management + -analysis / intercountry workshops)
  • Coordination and meetings (i.e. weekly teleconference / annual surveillance meeting /reports)
AMPHI Integrated Health Policy wants to bring practice, policy and science together in the field of health promotion, youth health care, local health policy, stimulating prevention in primary care and establishing connections with well-being and local policy.

For the Municipal Health Services (GGD), the cooperation within AMPHI contributes to the academisation of the GGD. With the department of Primary and Community Care of Radboudumc, we want to find scientific answers to practical questions from the GGDs and municipalities of South and Central Gelderland. These can include:
  • strengthening prevention within the transitions in the field of WMO, youth care and participation law
  • to find preventive and collective possibilities / interventions in the chain approach from care to welfare (from the 2nd, to the 1st and the 0th line)
  • tools to strengthen prevention (eg getting available and linking data and giving meaning to data, developing interventions) and knowledge of the processes to actually shape and implement prevention
  • new forms of youth health care
  • integrated health policy with other municipal policy areas and the private sector

Research themes

Important research themes of our group are:
  • Overweight and parenting
  • Combined lifestyle interventions for tackling overweight
  • Positioning and impact of the care sport connector
  • Cooperation between youth doctors and general practitioners
  • Health promotion for low SES families
  • Collaboration between the municipal social and physical domain in the context of health policy
  • Preventive approach in the care for the elderly
  • Development of neighborhood profiles and relevant data links for policy

Anaphem Crisis Containment

Anaphem Crisis Containment is focusing on the following topics: 
  • Large scale crisis support (e.g. large scale infectious disease outbreak / environmental disaster / problems during mass events / jihadistic attack etc.)
  • Big event management
  • Dangerous materials

Work & Health

Work & Health has several initiatives:
  • multidisciplinary hospital care for reintegration of cancer patients into work
  • experiment with introduction of work expert in primary care health center

NICHE Global Health

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Learn more about some discoveries of this research group.

  • A webb app was developed to advice parents on how to bring up their children healthy.

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Radboudumc Technology Center Health economics

The Center for Health Economics provides a unique opportunity to assess economic viability of healthcare innovations at an early stage of development.

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Radboud Institute for Health Sciences

Ideally, every procedure in clinical practice and public health should take place based on proof, instead of intuition or 'experience'. Our aim is to innovate and personalize healthcare and public health. read more