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Lucy Overbeek postdoc

Lucy Overbeek is a postdoc in the field of health care improvement in (gastro-intestinal) cancer care.

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Lucy Overbeek postdoc

Lucy Overbeek is a postdoc in the field of health care improvement in (gastro-intestinal) cancer care. This interest started with her doctoral dissertation (Improvement of identification of Lynch Syndrome by changing clinical practice roles) established at the department of Pathology, Human Genetics and IQ Healthcare in 2009. In particular, she investigated the efficacy and efficiency of electronic reminders for pathologists for the introduction of a new, diagnostic test.

At present, she performs her research at the PALGA foundation. PALGA manages a national database (the Dutch Pathology Registry) that encompasses pathology reports in the Netherlands since 1971 with national coverage since 1991. All pathology laboratories are connected to this national network and database. The database provides researchers with data. To enhance the quality of reporting, PALGA has developed synoptic reporting (standardized electronic pathology report forms) for all major tumor types. She is involved as a principle investigator in a project to examine the value of synoptic reporting in pathology for cancer care. Does synoptic reporting lead to more accurate diagnostics and better patient care?

Furthermore, the PALGA database serves as a virtual entrance to the residual tissues biobanks at all pathology departments in the Netherlands. She is one of the project leaders in the BBMRI rainbow project: Dutch National Tissuebank Portal. This project aims to achieve increased, easier and improved secondary use of residual tissue blocks (FFPE blocks) from all pathology laboratories in the Netherlands. This project will facilitate researchers, laboratories and patients concerning archived human material. The ultimate goal is to form part of a national research infrastructure that provides increased and improved research for future health care in the Netherlands.

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