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Marieke Coenen PhD

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Marieke Coenen associate professor

Dr. Coenen's research entails population-based gene-finding studies, construction of genetic prediction models, and cost-effectiveness analysis of pharmacogenetic tests.

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Marieke Coenen associate professor

My research group performs pharmacogenetic research, from gene-finding to clinical implementation, with the aim to optimise treatment for the individual patient. I started my group on pharmacogenetics focussing on gene-finding in rheumatoid arthritis, for which I set up a productive international collaboration. I led the first genome-wide association analysis for anti-TNF treatment outcome (PMID:23233654) and the first large-scale genetic study showing how proxy measures for standard clinical outcomes can successfully be applied (PMID: 25114059). I have since extended my pharmacogenetic studies to other disorders, including psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and childhood osteosarcoma.
In addition to my work on gene-finding, I aim to push the uptake of pharmacogenetics into clinical care. For this, I led the world-wide largest randomized controlled trial for cost-effectiveness of thiopurine-S-methyltransferase genotyping prior to thiopurine treatment in IBD (PMID:26072396). I currently co-supervise a similar multicentre study in psychiatry investigating the cost-effectiveness of pharmacogenetic testing prior to tricyclic anti-depressants treatment.
I am also responsible for the diagnostic pharmacogenetic testing at the Radboudumc.


Personal prizes & awards national & international

  • 2006: VENI grant on pharmacogenetics of anti-TNF treatment

Additional functions


  • Medical Biology, Univeristy of Utrecht
  • PhD department of Pediatrics of the Radboud university medical centre (2003). Subject: The assembly of the human oxidative phosphorylation system.
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  • She studies Medical Biology at the University of Utrecht
  • She followed a PhD at the department of Pediatrics of the Radboud University Medical Centre
  • She started a postdoc at the department of Human Genetics

Field of study

Human Genetics, pharmacogenetics

Radboud Institute for Health Sciences

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Research group Pharmaco­genomics

Marieke Coenen's research group entails population-based gene-finding studies to identify genes predicting treatment outcome.

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