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Tamara van Woezik MSc MA

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Tamara van Woezik PhD candidate

Tamara is a PhD candidate in Philosophy and Behavioural Science.

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Tamara van Woezik PhD candidate

Phd candidate in Philosophy and Behavioural Science. As my education has focused on the fields of Philosophy of Behavioural Science and Orthopedagogics, I have a broad interest in topics related to education, mental and physical disabilities, behavioural problems, philosophy of mind and action, and ethics. My ambition is to keep combining philosophy and orthopedagogics. I love gaining more knowledge, and am therefore never bored with studying or taking courses. My jobs as a tutor and behavioural expert have taught me a lot about treatment, teaching and coaching, which I would like to implement in my work. I'm on the lookout for new and innovative projects that suit my interests in research, education and/or healthcare, and am pursuing a career in academic research and education.

Personal prizes & awards national & international

  • 2013: Radboud Honours programme

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