Are you being admitted to the hospital?

Many of the planned admissions are going ahead. Despite this, because of shortage in staff, it may still happen that we have to cancel your appointment at the last minute and postpone care. We are aware that postponing your admission can be very frustrating for you and your loved ones, especially if this becomes known shortly before your planned admission. Nevertheless, we ask for your understanding. This also applies to your contact with our staff, both in the hospital and on the telephone. 

You can always come to Radboud university medical center in case of emergency.

This is how you can help keep the Radboud university medical center safe:

Answer the questions about your health

If you are admitted, we will call you in advance and ask you some questions about your health. You can also view the questions yourself on our website. These questions are important to keep the Radboudumc as safe an environment as possible. We therefore ask you to answer the questions carefully and honestly. Even if you have been vaccinated against corona, it is necessary to answer these questions.

If you answer one or more questions with yes, we will take a PCR test from you. While waiting for the test result, we will admit you in isolation. 

Take a self-test before your visit to the hospital

You can also be infected with the coronavirus without having any symptoms. We therefore ask you to do a self-test right before you come to the hospital. This will reduce the risk of you coming to the hospital unaware of a corona infection. If the self-test is positive, call the department where you will be admitted to discuss what to do. If you find out on the way to the hospital that your self-test is positive, report it immediately at the entrance.  

If you are admitted because of an operation, do the self-test one day before admission and contact us immediately if the result is positive. If it is negative, take a second self-test just before coming to the hospital.

Wear a mask everywhere

All patients, companions, and visitors 9 years of age and older are obliged to wear a medical mask in the public spaces inside Radboud university medical center. You will be given a medical mask at the entrance. Please keep this mask on until you have left the hospital. 

You wear the medical mask everywhere except in your own room. If there are visitors in your room, you should put on the medical mask. You also wear a mask when you are moving around the room.

View the Dutch or English instruction on how to wear and take off a mask the correct way.

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