Are you a visitor or companion of a patient?

The corona measure of 1.5 meters distance no longer applies at the Radboudumc, so there are no longer any restrictions on the numbers of visitors and companions accompanying patients. But for many of our vulnerable patients, an infection with the coronavirus is still dangerous. We want to provide these patients with the safest possible environment. Therefore, we ask for the cooperation of everyone who visits the Radboudumc. Will you help us protect our patients?

Unfortunately we cannot welcome you as a companion or visitor if:

  • You or someone living with you has been infected with the coronavirus
  • You or someone living with you is showing symptoms of the coronavirus
  • In the past 10 days, you have been in contact with someone who tested positively on the coronavirus

You can also fill out the corona questionnaire on our website to find out if you are welcome or not.

We understand that limiting the number of visitors and companions is a difficult measure. This is why we also offer options for you to accompany or visit your loved one from a distance. Read more about this below.

Please refer to the below to find out more about which situation applies to you.

  • This is how you can help keep the Radboud university medical center safe:

    Take a self-test before your visit to the hospital

    By doing a self-test just before coming to the hospital, you reduce the risk of coming to the hospital with a corona infection without noticing it. Unfortunately, if the self-test is positive, you cannot come to the Radboudumc.

    Wear a mask everywhere

    It is mandatory for everyone 9 years and older to wear a mouth mask in the Radboudumc. At the entrance we hand out medical masks. During the visit you keep the medical mask on. This includes sitting at the bedside of the person you are visiting, even if this is in a single room. You wear the mouth mask until you leave the hospital again.

    View the Dutch or English instruction on how to wear and take off a mask the correct way.

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