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Ideally, every procedure in clinical practice and public health should take place based on proof, instead of intuition or 'experience'. Our aim is to improve clinical practice and public health.

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Bart Kiemeney PhD

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About RIHS Organization

Organizational units, contact information and directions, press officers and other general information. read more

Research themes

Our scientists perform cross-disciplinary research across 12 of Radboudumc’s research themes. see all RIHS themes

RIHS Graduate School for Health Sciences

This school aims to train junior researchers who have the intrinsic ambition to improve health care and public health to become highly qualified independent health scientists.

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Our researchers RIHS

A list of researchers connected to this institute.

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Research groups RIHS

A list of research groups connected to this institute.

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In the spotlight

John Graunt Award 2018 for Alessandro Vespignani

* Early work

Alessandro Vespignani received the John Graunt Award 2018, in recognition of his ground breaking research in the spreading of lethal infectious diseases.With his work,  Vespignani contributed to health protection of people around the planet by combining two research fields: epidemiology and network science. He showed that the social network of people plays a major role in the spreading of viruses. And this forms the basis for health scientists who are building models for the prediction and prevention of the spreading of viruses such as Zika and Ebola.

* Research group

Professor Vespignani’s research activities focus on the data-driven computational modeling of epidemic and spreading phenomena and the study of biological, social and technological networks.

* About the award

Since 2016, the Radboud Institute for Health Sciences honors an outstanding scientist every two years for their extraordinary achievements in one of the population sciences.

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Research Agenda 2025 for a significant impact on healthcare

The Radboudumc Research Agenda 2025 defines our research strategies. download agenda

Grants and awards RIHS

RIHS grants several awards, such as the John Graunt Award and Richard Grol Visiting Scientist Award.

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Research vacancies

Here you can find all the research vacancies. read more

TopFit Impact Programme concepts for a Healthy Life

Under the name TopFit Impact Programme, Radboudumc, Radboud University, the University of Twente and Wageningen University & Research, join together in an impact programme aimed at preventing and reducing disease and the burden of disease. read more

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Career Jobs and internships

RIHS offers ample positions for talented and ambitious new colleagues.

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Career Jobs and internships

RIHS offers ample positions for talented and ambitious new colleagues. There are frequent job openings for talented researchers, technical personnel and students alike. These positions are advertised on this website.

Hypatia Tenure Track Grant

A significant impact on healthcare is at the core of the Radboudumc. It is, of course, far from the only institution seeking to achieve this. What sets Radboudumc apart is its level of commitment to selecting the best people and supporting them in order to achieve its vision. To demonstrate this, the medical center awards the prestigious one million Euros Hypatia Tenure Track Grant, to attract the most talented scientists.


RIHS welcomes students to perform internships within our institute. Many departments are very open and willing to accommodate ambitious students. Internships are not centrally organized in our institute. We recommend that you browse the Radboudumc/Research website for interesting topics and directly contact (a limited number of) principal investigators with your resume, motivation, duration of internship and desired start date.

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Contact and getting there

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