The front office

  • facilitates the Scientific Director and Managers in the organization of general information meetings, seminars, (talent) workshops, courses, symposia and retreats.
  • does the graduate school administration.
  • is responsible for internal and external PR e.g. webmaster of the RIHS website, weekly newsletter, LCD screens and social media.
  • serves as a first port of call for all general enquiries.

Getting there

Entrance: Radboud Institute for Health Sciences
Route: 148

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Getting there

Visiting address

Radboud Institute for Health Sciences
Geert Grooteplein 27
6525 EZ Nijmegen

The RIHS front office is open from Mondays through Fridays and located on the first floor of the RIHS building(route 148). You can also enter the building through the entrance of the Study Center Medical Sciences (Geert Grooteplein 21).
You can contact us via and +31 (0)24 361 46 39 or the personal email addresses of one of the secretaries.


Enter building at: Radboud Institute for Health Sciences
Follow route 148

Secretaries +31 (0)24 361 46 39

Karin Berens Mon, Tues, Wed

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Tamara Gerissen Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri

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Marie-Louise Roovers Mon to Fri

+31 (0)24 309 21 36
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