Together with Radboud University's Faculty of Medical Sciences, our institute offers a Master's program. RIHS is connected to the Bachelor's and Master's programs in Biomedical Sciences of Radboudumc and Radboud University, and, to a lesser extent, their programs in Medicine and in Dentistry. read more


Every Biomedical Sciences (BMS) Master's student chooses a Radboudumc research institute as a learning environment, which implies a choice for one of three associated master specialisations in:

With the help of a mentor and available researchers you will be able to develop an individual study plan that includes courses, internships, a literature thesis, and other learning activities. This all rests on a growing awareness that both the development of a professional identity and the effectiveness of learning are strongly improved if our students are welcomed and treated as starting colleagues within our institute.

General questions

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Management assistant RIHS & TSP committee

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Biomedical Sciences

Getting a thorough understanding of the molecular, individual and population aspects of human health and disease and specializing in a biomedical science of your choice. read more


Do you want to do an internship at Radboud Institute for Health Sciences? There are several ways to find an internship. read more


For Master's students looking for a position

  • Many departments are very open and willing to accommodate ambitious students. We recommend that you browse our website for interesting topics and directly contact principal investigators with your CV, motivation, length of internship and desired start date.
  • You can find internships offered by research groups within the Radboudumc at the Health Academy website.
  • Epidemiological internships can be found at the website of the Dutch Epidemiological Society 
  • Internships for Movement Sciences can be found at the website of the Dutch Society for Movement Sciences (Vereniging voor Bewegingswetenschappen Nederland, VvBN) 
Of course you are welcome to discuss your plans and strategy with your mentor.

For researchers with a position

Many Biomedical Sciences students are looking for a Master's internship. Do you have place to accommodate an ambitious student and are you willing to supervise a student in his or her research? Please offer an internship description at the Health Academy website.

Please describe the research question, the methods, and the content of the internship (English). Mention also in which period the internship should take place.

Radboudumc Study Fund Scholarship for Master's students

The Radboudumc Study Fund is a scholarship for excellent students applying for the Master’s programs in Biomedical Sciences or in Molecular Mechanisms of Disease. The scholarship is highly selective. read more

Radboudumc Study Fund Scholarship for Master's students

The Radboudumc Study Fund aims to provide very promising students without sufficient financial means the opportunity to complete a Master’s program in Biomedical Sciences or in Molecular Mechanisms of Disease, and possibly enroll in the PhD program afterwards.
Therefore, every academic year this fund offers about nine full scholarships to Radboud University’s most excellent international applicants. Eligibility for a Study Fund scholarship depends on the interview results, the results from your previous education, and (if applicable) your work experience. Scholarship candidates usually rank among the best 5% of their class.

The Radboudumc Study Fund covers any (outstanding) tuition fees and living expenses. Please note no extra costs such as flight and travel are covered.

How to apply

For non-EU students who wish to apply for the Radboudumc Study Fund, application for the Radboud Scholarship Programme (RSP) is mandatory. To apply for the Radboudumc Study Fund and RSP, simply tick the boxes in your Osiris application form when applying for the Master’s program.

For more information on other scholarships, go to: https://www.ru.nl/english/education/masters/biomedical-sciences/scholarships-and-grants/

Summer School

Lecturers and researchers from Radboud University and the Radboudumc offer interesting courses in different disciplines during the summer holidays. They are suitable for Dutch and international Bachelor’s and Master’s students as well as PhD candidates. go to RU, Summer School

Mentors at RIHS