RIMLS Newsletter #25
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Our main aim is to achieve a greater understanding of the molecular mechanisms of disease. This newsletter keeps you updated about our scientific output and activities. We highly appreciate your interest in the Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences (RIMLS).

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A personal touch of
Jaap ten Oever

20 June 2019

In order to promote interaction amongst colleagues within RIMLS, we have a ‘personal touch’ series setting employees in the spotlight. A light-hearted manner to learn about the colleagues you know and those you don’t. This week: Jaap ten Oever.

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Graduate School news
Call for research at InScience Film festival

From 6 -10 Nov, 2019 the 5th edition of lnScience Film Festival takes place in Nijmegen. The 5 day program consists of the best science films of this year and talks by researchers who will be sharing stories of their scientific endeavors and latest findings and insights. Your research at InScience?

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Exome sequencing in routine diagnostics:
a generic test for 254 patients with primary immunodeficiencies

18 June 2019

Exome sequencing may provide a genetic diagnosis in a significant number of patients in a single genetic test. Alexander Hoischen and Mihai Netea, theme Infectious diseases and global health, and colleagues, published their results in Genome Medicine.

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Lowering cholesterol is not enough to reduce
hyperactivity of the immune system

14 June 2019

In Cell Metabolism, Siroon Bekkering, theme Vascular damage, and colleagues, provide a novel potential explanation for the residual cardiovascular risk, related to persistent activation of the immune system in patients with hypercholesterolemia who are treated with statins.

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Pathogenic fungus
can make artificial leather waterproof

18 June 2019

Paul Verweij and Sybren de Hoog, theme Infectious diseases and global health, won the Bio Art & Design Award to further develop the development of waterproof synthetic leather.

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A warm welcome for Hypatia fellow
Daniele Tauriello

18 June 2019

It is our pleasure to welcome a new research group leader and Hypatia fellow at RIMLS: Daniele Tauriello (dept Cell Biology).

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16th in vivo NMR course
21 October 2019 to 25 October 2019
Pubmed workshop
22 October 2019
How to write a medical scientific paper
23 October 2019

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Academic ceremonies

PhD defense
Liz van Erp
18 October 2019 10:30
PhD defense
Peter Janke
18 October 2019 12:30

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Radboud Research Rounds

Radboud Research Rounds: theme Women's cancers
24 October 2019
Radboud Research Rounds: theme Cancer development and immune defense
31 October 2019
Radboud Research Rounds + Steven Greenberg: theme Disorders of movement
7 November 2019

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